The sky seen through binoculars



Background Information

with a field of view of 4.8 degrees these photos try to show what one can see through binoculars

Thomas Hebbeker 2011


Orion: M42
Leo: Regulus


Background information:

Many astronomy books, journals, manuals and web pages who recommend the use of binoculars to explore the sky, show unrealistic pictures of the celestial objects. Often the magnification is exaggerated or very faint objects are presented.

I try to show what one can really see. Of course, there are different binoculars (7x30 ... 10x80) and the sky quality and the sensitivity of the observer's eye vary, so my photos can not exactly reproduce what is seen through binoculars.

Nevertheless I tried to approximate three essential parameters as much as possible:

My photos have these properties:

For binoculars:

So the parameters of the binocular view and of my photos are indeed similar. Note that `small' binoculars will reveal less detail and can not show the fainter of the deep sky objects displayed in the photos. With the same scale and about the same light sensitvity in all photos (with exceptions as moon, planets) it is easy to compare different celestial objects.


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